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Q: Where do N. Sea Oyster Co. Oysters come from? 

Our delectable oysters proudly hail from our very own oyster farm situated in the pristine waters of Topsail Sound.Here, amidst the natural beauty of the coastal landscape, our oysters thrive, absorbing the unique flavors of their marine environment!


Q: How are you able to sell Oysters in the summertime? 

At N. Sea Oyster Co., we employ a strategic approach to oyster cultivation. We cultivate two distinct types of oysters: diploid and triploid. Both varieties are of the local genetics, a shellfish hatchery is able to reproduce them as diploid or triploid. While diploid oysters, reminiscent of those found in our local wild oyster reefs, naturally reproduce during the summertime, our triploid oysters are available year-round. This careful selection allows us to maintain a consistent supply of premium oysters throughout the seasons.

Q: How long do Oysters stay good for once purchased? 

Your freshly harvested oysters, lovingly prepared by N. Sea Oyster Co., can maintain their exceptional quality for up to 10 days. To ensure their freshness, you can store them in a drainable cooler over ice or in your refrigerator. As an added convenience, when you pick up your oysters from us, feel free to inquire about our on-site ice machine. We're more than happy to provide you with a bag of ice to accompany your purchase, ensuring that your oysters remain perfectly chilled on their journey home.

Q: What’s the difference between Wild and Farmed Oysters?

From a genetic standpoint, there's no difference between wild and farmed oysters. Wild oysters grow naturally on reefs in the mud, requiring minimal intervention. Our farmed oysters, on the other hand, are cultivated on suspended long lines elevated in the water column. Additionally, they undergo a meticulous process of tumbling and sorting up to 12 times from seed to sale. This ensures optimal meat quality and shell integrity, resulting in a perfect shuck every time. It's important to note that the wild oyster population has declined significantly, now at just 20% of its original size. Wild oysters play a vital role in ecosystem health, filtering water, providing habitat for marine life, and safeguarding coastlines from erosion and environmental impacts. By choosing farmed oysters, you're supporting sustainable practices and helping to preserve these critical ecosystems. Enjoying farmed oysters is not just a culinary delight but also an environmentally responsible choice!


Q: What are the differences between the sizes of N. Sea Oysters?

We offer our oysters in three distinct sizes to cater to various preferences!

  • Cocktail: Our smallest size oyster, typically around 2 inches with a deep cup, is perfect for raw consumption. It's the most visually appealing choice for raw oyster plates and remains our top seller, favored by the finest raw oyster bars nationwide.

  • Selects: This medium-sized oyster measures approximately 3 inches in length and maintains a deep, satisfying cup. Whether enjoyed raw or cooked, it's versatile and particularly excellent for grilling or baking.

  • Roaster: Our largest offering, sized at 4 inches or more, is aptly named 'roaster' for its suitability for open-fire roasting. Ideal for large gatherings, these substantial oysters deliver a memorable culinary experience

  • Q: How can I purchase Oysters from N. Sea Oyster Co.? 

    Purchasing our premium oysters is simple and convenient. Just visit our website to place your order online, and select the option for pickup at The Oyster Barn. With this streamlined process, you can enjoy our delicious oysters with ease, whether you're planning a special occasion or simply craving a taste of the sea.

    Q: Does N. Sea Oyster Co. Ship Oysters? 

    Absolutely! We're delighted to offer nationwide shipping for our fresh oysters. Every Thursday, we carefully harvest our premium oysters and promptly ship them via UPS Next Day Air, ensuring that they arrive at your doorstep by Friday. This expedited shipping method guarantees that you receive the freshest oysters possible, allowing you to savor the unparalleled taste of the N. Sea Oyster Co. wherever you may be!

    Q: How does N. Sea Oyster Farm Oysters?

    Cultivated utilizing a mixture of Australian and French oyster farming techniques. Grown primarily on a 300-foot suspended longline. These oysters endure a rigorous dry and tumble schedule. Facing extreme exposure to air to develop a thick clean shell and large adductor muscle. They are sorted and washed 8-12 times before reaching market size. Spending critical time in tide tumbling gear to be groomed perfectly by the pushing and pulling of the moon. Each oyster is sorted and packaged by hand. Then washed down and purged with the raw seawater they grow to ensure peak quality.

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